Great Wines Start in the Saint Anna Winery

Visit us for an unforgettable wine experience!

Our small but fragrant estate is located in Potamia, Naxos. This is where we were to grow our grapes, our dreams and also share our passion for the world of wine. As this is the first and only winery tour on the whole island, we strive every day to continue this initiative but above all to promote this place that we love so much without disturbing the balance of the natural environment. Therefore, from the estate only organic products are produced and in accordance with our principles. This is a family-run winery that welcomes guests in small groups for a one-of-a-kind authentic experience.

After welcoming you to the estate, we will meet the Byzantine church of Agia Anna, from the ninth century AD. Our ancestors bequeathed it together with the estate. It stands there like a jewel in the middle of the field and delights your soul.

So we start a small tour of the small church, which is a monument of archaeological interest to continue immediately after our tour of the traditional winery.


First we will talk about the history of the winery and how it started, while later we will see the specially designed spaces and explain their function. There we will enrich our knowledge of the secrets of wine from viticulture to bottling. We will talk in detail about all the production stages, the varieties as well as how to learn to recognize them.

We saved the best for last! We conclude this wine journey with a tasting and pairing of appetizers in front of the stone winery that is in the style of an island winery and surrounded by the green landscape. There we will let our taste buds explore a variety of red, white rosé, dry and sweet wines accompanied by the freshest local delicacies. A small sample of hospitality with love from us for you so that you can say goodbye to Naxos with the sweetest…and salty memories.

You can also find us through Stella Korre on the website which offers walking routes in the countryside of Naxos and combines the walk with a wine stop at SAINT ANNA WINERY.