Kato  Potamia  is a village in central Naxos, at an altitude of 80-110 meters and with 99 inhabitants (census 2011). It is the western settlement of the  Local Community of Potamia  which consists of  Middle Potamia  and  Upper Potamia . It is located in the interior of the island at a distance of approximately 9 kilometers southeast of Chora. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement since 1988  .

The inhabitants of Potamia are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and the area is famous for its vegetables and cheeses. In the area there are old water mills which, combined with the green environment, create a special atmosphere.

To the south of Kato Potamia there is one of the 34 churches of the wider area, that of  Agios Mamas , built in the 9th century. A.D.