Emmanuel Petrakis

From an early age, being a descendant of a farming family, which had a tradition of family wine production, he helped in grape growing and winemaking, he gained experience and love for wine with the aim of developing it into a small production unit.

Now at the age of only 25, with great appetite and knowledge, he has completely taken over the cultivation of the vines and the olive grove, as well as the entire production process with new means, going from the traditional way to an advanced production process.

Saint Anna Winery

SAINT ANNA WINERY was started in 2016 by Petrakis Emmanuel who is a graduate of the American Agricultural School in Thessaloniki and has studied agriculture.

It takes its name from the small church of Agia Anna that is located on the estate and can be visited due to its archaeological importance.

The traditional stone winery is located in Naxos, specifically in the green village of Kato Potamia. At an altitude of 95 meters from the sea and only 7.5 kilometers from the country one can enjoy a wine experience.

The winery produces white, rosé, red, sweet and dry wines from varieties such as Fokiano, Mandilaria, Monemvasia, Sabvatiano and various other Cycladic varieties.